Of course Robert Griffin III is a Republican

ESPN’s Robert Parker asks the question, and he’s clearly not happy that he even has to ask. So, is RG3 a ‘right-winger’? Was Jack Kemp a Buffalo Bill? The guy doesn’t whine, takes responsibility, doesn’t blame his teammates, wouldn’t sulk if someone else was getting more playing time than him, etc. Why wouldn’t he be a Republican? Andrew Luck probably is too. And Russell Wilson. Actually, can we think of an NFL signal caller who isn’t?

We know Matt Hassellbeck’s sister-in-law is the Republican on ‘The View’.

Peyton Manning? Come on, Republican. Eli Manning? Apathetic between election cycles, sure, but he always makes it to the polls. Last couple of elections, he’s even run a pretty mean carpool.

Tony Romo, Joe Flacco, Phillip Rivers, even Tom Brady (even though Gisele made him switch his voter registration). All those guys are Republicans.

Aaron Rodgers, for sure, in the stealth Wisconsin mold of Scott Walker and Paul Ryan.

And Matthew Stafford once told a girl in college he was voting for Obama, but even she didn’t believe him.

Are there any good quarterbacks in the NFL who aren’t Republican? Can you be a good quarterback if you’re Democrat? Heath Shuler, the former Congressman from North Carolina, is the only one who comes to mind, and he was not good (not good at all). Ryan Fitzpatrick went to Harvard, but he’s got that beard. Mark Sanchez maybe? Neil O’Donnell? I don’t know, just throwing names out there.

Guy Benson over at HotAir has more on the controversy over the controversy caused by the speculation that Robert Griffin may be a Republican even though he’s black. You can’t make this stuff up.

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