L’etat c’est me!

Obama was in the mood to play Commander in Chief last night–and he wanted everybody to know it. One of his best lines, however, was in the negative, when he informed Romney–in case there was any confusion on this point–that Romney had not had the chance to “execute foreign policy”. He overshot when he spoke in the affirmative, for instance when he responded to Romney’s criticism of his empty-chair act during the ‘Arab Spring’.

“when Tunisians began to protest, this nation–me . . . my administration–stood with them earlier than just about any country.”

Since, by the second half of the night, Obama had taken on the air of a state legislator running to be the junior Senator from Illinois, this came across as less Louis XIV than Mugatu (Will Farrell) in the climatic runway scene in Zoolander. “I invented the piano key necktie–I invented it!”

Mugatu – I invented the piano key necktie!

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