Did Romney Inadvertently Enable Obama’s Benghazi Cover-up?

Charles Krauthammer asks a good question on the Libya cover-up: “how could they have thought they would get away with it?” My guess – and it’s purely a guess – is once Romney ‘gaffed’ by issuing a quick judgmental reaction to tweets sent out by the U.S. Embassy in Cairo, and the media jumped all over that as the real story, the administration thought they had cover to blame the Ambassador Stevens’ assassination on a YouTube video, and deny any claimed involvement of the Al-Qaeda affiliated terrorists cells that have been setting up camp in Libya and neighboring Mali. After all, given how absurd the YouTube claim was on its face, and given the existence of hard contrary evidence coming in from the intelligence community within hours of the attack, the administration could only proceed with the cover-up by assuming they would be no media coverage – zero, ziltch – of the terrorist angle. In other words, that the mainstream media would be so busy covering Romney’s ‘latest gaffe’ that the administration would effectively get a pass to do and say anything they wanted. It’s the only explanation that makes sense to me.


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